About Us


Established in 2001, ICG Groups is one of the Australia’s longest operating and most established international education services providers.

ICG Career platform was launched to provide Australian industry with access to a largely unrealised talent source and to facilitate mentor-guided career development for international graduates and professionals. ICG Career platform relies on real-world industry connections and provide full range of internship, workplace and job consulting services for a cost effective, end-to-end solution.


Our People

Our specialist consultants come with extensive professional experience from a wide array of businesses and industries, who can deliver practical, cost-efficient and robust consulting solutions in order to achieve your career objectives.

We have first-hand experience of the impact of work environment and business culture on employee performance, job satisfaction and business growth.

Through our understanding of human capital, we know what businesses look for and what it takes to obtain and retain talent.

Our Vision


The Vision

All around us there are opportunities. But not all are taken full advantage of.

We envision a job market of optimised opportunities, where people can thrive in their workplace and businesses reap the benefits.

We want to see all opportunities harnessed and everyone reach their full potential.

With the right person in the right role, the possibilities for businesses and individuals are endless.


The Mission

The impact that a happy and dedicated employee can have on co-workers, on clients and an entire business, is immense.  Similarly, there is nothing like watching a talent grow and thrive in the right work environment.

We are committed to helping businesses grow through having the right human capital and seeing individuals achieve job satisfaction and better mental health.

Industry Partners