1. To know which position you are applying for, learn some knowledge about the position, such as personnel recruitment in human resources, the establishment of the job responsibility system, the understanding of the salary system, the relevant laws and regulations, etc.

More Testimonials

Muhammad Rahman

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) (Honours)


Electrical Engineer (Maintenance Services)

I have worked for a few years in my home country Malaysia and then I decided to study here to advance my career. I chose ICG Career because I simply need a platform which can helps me to find an ideal job in a more efficient and less time-consuming way. And they really did a good job, they match me with a position that enables me to apply my profession and my passion. They really took the time to get to know about me, so they know what my career values and expectations are. I also love the Mock Interview Crash Crouse, because I wouldn’t know what to expect for an interview in a foreign country. I would definitely recommend this platform and my consultant Sawyer to my friends.

David Choo

Master of Professional Accounting

Deakin University

Assistant Accountants

As a recent graduate of Master of accounting, I spent most of my time on studying and I have obtained good academic outcome for my degree. One thing I regretted not doing during my study was to get more related working experiences in accounting. I don’t have much experiences of writing a resume or attending an interview. Then I met Jennifer from ICG Career, she enables me to really think about my future career plan, and she gives me a clear view of how to build up a resume that could describes myself the best step by step.
Different from other career platforms that I have used, I can feel that ICG Career has put in a lot of effort on designing their training program. The contents were in depth and easy to understand, and they were customised to fit my situation depends on areas that I need to improve.

Ahmad Hajjar

Master of Cyber Security


Entry level-IT risk analyst

I joined the career training program with ICG Career hoping to improve my employability, but I left with more. I learned how to write a resume for a specific position. I learned about industry knowledge, professionalism in information security management. I learned how to present yourself in an interview including the language for answering the questions, and what is standard business attire etc. I’ve wrote my new resume, and it has already got me a few interview invitations. I can’t wait to start my interview training with ICG Career soon. Not only was the course both fun and informative but ICG Career improving my overall confidence was invaluable. Consultant Sawyer has a clear and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me.

Belinda Tran

Master of Nursing

La Trobe University

School health nurse assistant

The training covered a lot of information, delivered in concise parts that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, practical and effective. I can tell ICG Career has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. This training gave me the confidence to sit for an actual interview, in comparison to my past unpleasant experiences. I didn’t’ just learn how to build a resume and how to nail an interview, but what and why are also included in the training. It wasn’t just about looking for job for living. The main benefits came from getting to know about the industry, getting to know about yourself, and receiving individual feedback and supports from a profession.

Charya Kaew

Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering)


Junior Project Engineer

I’ve used other career platform and they ended up not helping me much, most of the service were designed for someone way different than me. When I attend the first consultation with ICG Career, the consultant made me felt understood. I really felt that the consultant knew what they were talking about, knew my situation, and knew what to do to support me. I took a leap of faith and decided to take the Work Ready Training with consultant Jennifer. I was loaded with information about industry knowledge for engineering, how to write up a resume and professional career language improvement. I want to say thank you to Jennifer and all the other consultants who has helped me a lot on this journey, I am so grateful with where I am at this stage of my career. ICG Career is definitely not just a career platform, it’s a community for international students.

Marc Zhang

Master of Financial Analysis

La Trobe University

Investment consultant

I had my bachelor degree for business back in China, and I wanted to advance my career so I took another degree for financial analysis in Australia. I wanted to find an efficient way to get a job as soon as possible. I wasn’t really clear about my career goal as I was aware that the business environment and culture here can be very different from China. During my first consultation with ICG Career, I had a great session with one of the consultants. The whole process was very supportive and informative, the consultant provided information about what are the current positions for financial analysis graduates and what kind of candidate the employers are currently looking for. After having a plan in my mind, it was so much easier to write up my resume, the writing tips from the Applying for a Job program was very practical as well. I got a few interview invitations with the resume, but then I got stuck at the interview. English is not my first language, and I get even more nervous when I get asked with question like “why do you want to work here or why should we hire you”. So I decided to take the Mock Interview Crash Course, which was the best decision I have ever made. I got practice those interview questions during the course, so when I was in my actual; interview I was so well prepared.

Haeun Park

Bachelor of Hospitality Management


Owners Corporation Assistant

After I finished my study, my education consultant recommended ICG Career to me because I was struggling to get a job. I used to be in a manager role in a café during my study, and that was all the management experiences I had. I was working at a placement before I came to use ICG Career Career Platform, and that was the best job offer I could get. After the initial consultation, I realised that my resume doesn’t my skills and experiences well. And I needed to improve on my interview skills. Later I took the Industry Knowledge and Applying a Job program, which was personally very useful to me. I’ve also learnt a lot about professional etiquette from my personal consultant, I’m still using them in my current workforce.

Pavith Ahamed

Master of Business Information Technology


Database Administrator for e-business

I have worked in a small online store back in my home country for a couple of months, and that was why I chose to study aboard for Business Information Technology. But with my limited working experience and since English is my second language, finding a professional job is a real big challenge for me. After attending the Industry Knowledge program with ICG Career, I realised there were so much more information I did not know about in e-business industry. What really happens in workforce can be very different from the textbook. The program helped me to have an better idea of how should I structure my resume, and it improved my employability.

Haru Takahashi

Bachelor of Nutrition Science

Deakin University

Graduate Nutritionist in food industry

As an international student, getting a degree with a second language was definitely not easy. But what is more challenging to me was getting a job after graduation. I don’t have much network here so I didn’t know where to start, or where can I ask for help. I only had little experience working in a chemist as my part-time job during my study, but I wanted to have an opportunity to be involved in food industry. Now think back, I would say my resume was way too simple and plain to get a professional job. After I had the initial consultation with ICG Career, they provided me information about how nutrition science gets apply in food industry, and what are the skills and qualifications an employer would look for. Following all these details, I got my resume tailored with one of the consultants who was very patient with all of my questions. And to get myself fully prepared for the actual interview, I took the Mock Interview Crash Course which helped me so much during my final interview for my current position.

Jasper Lau

Bachelor of Banking and Finance

Monash University

Entry level financial analyst

Even though I had experiences of working in a bank for my placement in Hongkong, I still find it very difficult to get a full-time job after my study. I know I need to improve my resume, but I don’t know where to start. I would get so nervous going for an interview because of language barrier. Every time when I sit for an interview, I always get bombarded by the interview questions, and then I would leave feeling embarrassing. Then I started to worry about the chance of me to get a job after studying all these years. But thanks to ICG Career, especially the Applying for a Job program and Mock Interview Crash Course has helped me to restore my confidence. During the Applying for a Job program, the consultant re-writes the resume with me after getting to know about my past experience and my future career plan. The Mock Interview Crash Course included a list questions that I may get asked in the actual interview, which helped me to get my current job.