WorkReady Training Series

WorkReady Training Series

WorkReady Training Series

9 Jun 2020 | by admin


We realise not all businesses have the resources to create-document-implement-review-and-repeat comprehensive training plans for every new team member.

WorkReady is a series of in-person and online training modules developed by us, for our clients and your future team members.

As the name suggests, the series’ core function is to help newly hired job seekers hit the ground running the moment they walk through door.

The program covers the essentials such as industry knowledge but also that which is often learned through painful experience – culture, professionalism and how to make the most of your transition period.

Of course not all businesses are made equal and while all modules are tailored to each individual as much as possible, every business will still need to provide team members with appropriate support and training to allow them to thrive.

But through this training, we are able to take some of the burden off companies and ensure new team members are well prepared.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our experience.

Training Course 1: Industry Knowledge
Training Course 2: Business, Culture and Professionalism – What they don’t teach you
Training Course 3: For International Candidates
Training Course 4: Applying for a job