Traning Course 1

Training Course 1

Industry Knowledge

9 Jun 2020 | by admin

A comprehensive training program offered to all candidates before they begin new roles.

Often, what we learn in theory is very different from the reality of working in a business.

The program is industry specific and designed to help candidates fill in the gap between their studies and what they can expect to encounter in the role.

The program is offered for a wide range of industries and each taught by an industry professional. The focus is on practical knowledge such as current industry landscape, key player relationships, company structures and common systems.

Candidates can also leverage the skills of these experienced industry professionals.

We ensure that no prospective employee comes into a business unprepared.

Traning Course 2

Training Course 2

Business, Culture and Professionalism – What they don’t teach you

9 Jun 2020 | by admin

Each business, office and work environment comes with its unique culture and expectations.

New employees are often in the dark and much time is spent on the initial adjustment phase.

We help accelerate this transition process by providing successful candidates with an engaging training program tailored to their individual needs, before they enter into a new business.

Business related topics include, but are not limited to, what to expect in the workforce, identifying and contributing to company culture, working with managers and team members and how to best prepare for performance reviews.

A more thorough case study based training program covering business etiquette is also available.

Traning Course 3

Training Course 3

For International Candidates

12 Aug 2020 | by admin

We have leveraged our extensive experience in working with international candidates to develop a training course specifically for you.

This training program is designed to target areas of development unique to international graduates.

Key areas covered are industry knowledge, business, language, work culture and professionalism, but also understanding broader Australian culture.

Training Course 4

Training Course 4

Applying for a job

12 Aug 2020 | by admin

A job interview is a mutual vetting process.

How do you write a resume employers want to read? How do you display your potential in an interview? What do you need to know about the prospective employer?

We help candidates understand what a business is looking for, reflect on how they can fulfil the need and how best to demonstrate the value they can bring to a business.

You will receive a thorough resume review as well as one-on-one intensive interview training that not only helps you better articulate your value but also focuses on your technique, interpretation, speech and body language.

Our consultants have extensive experience in interview coaching, public speaking and have sat in both positions of employer and employee. Importantly, they adapt to each candidate and help you enhance your skills in the quickest, most effective way.